Staying warm and well this winter

Royal Voluntary Service advice on staying safe and well this winter

We can all tend to feel cold, under the weather and a little low at this time of year.  It’s tempting to hibernate when wintry days set in, but whatever our age, staying social and active is important to health and well-being.

Our 20,000 volunteers provide practical support and companionship in hospitals and in the community.  We pay regular visits to older people at home to have a conversation, accompany them on an outing, support them to do gentle exercise or get them to that all important hospital appointment. The intention is always to provide support to help people stay social and physically active.

Users of our services, clubs and social activities tell us that winter can make them feel anxious and vulnerable, from fears of falling over or running out of essentials to feeling the cold.

Here are our top tips for a comfortable winter:

  1. Keep warm and active

Staying warm is vital to winter wellness.  Drink hot drinks and eat warm, nutritious, regular meals like soups and stews.  Heat one or two rooms rather than heating the whole house and wear warm clothes in layers.  Being indoors doesn’t stop you being active so, wherever possible, get up and move around regularly.  If your mobility is limited, you can still get the body moving with chair-based exercises like stretching and punching – see Move it or Lose it exercises on our website.

  1. Keep hydrated

Hydration is essential to health, even in cold weather, so drink plenty of essential fluids like tea, coffee, warm squash and water.

  1. Be prepared

Take advantage of milder weather to get out and about to stock up on basic groceries and essential household goods and collect medical prescriptions to avoid having to head out if the weather turns.  Royal Voluntary Service volunteers provide help with shopping and household tasks through our services up and down the country.  You can find out more about the help Royal Voluntary Service has on offer in your local area by visiting our website.

  1. Reduce the risk of falls

Check weather forecasts and local news regularly to prepare for cold snaps, ice or snow.  Only head out if conditions allow, and if you have no choice but to go out, wrap up warm and wear study, comfortable shoes or boots with a good grip.

  1. Stay social

Being sociable may not be the top of our winter priorities but staying in touch is good for health and helps prevent isolation and loneliness.  Whether it’s a phone chat with a family member, a natter with a neighbour over a cup of tea or meeting friends at a local social group, it’s good to talk.  Royal Voluntary Service volunteers run a host of social activities, from lunch and dance clubs to exercise and craft classes.  You can expect a warm welcome, a friendly environment and a hot drink.  Volunteer drivers also provide community transport when walking or public transport is not an option.

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Author: Sam Ward, Director of Commissioned Services at Royal Voluntary Service


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