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Slips, Trips and Fractured Hips is being heralded as the ultimate guide to the treatment and prevention of accidents in older people.

Slips, Trips and Fractured Hips has been written for older people and all those caring for them, supported by RoSPA and AGE UK. Written by an experienced nurse  and first aid expert, packed full of real life experience and sound advice; this book is designed to help you take measures to avoid injuries and equip you with the necessary first aid skills should an accident occur. Enabling people to remain safe, healthy and independent, reducing the incidence of admission to hospital from avoidable causes.

This useful little book, Slips, Trips and Fractured Hips is a bible of good sense and will encourage and advise you in ways to keep safe, healthy, actively upright and chirpy and reminds us that all is not lost with ageing and wonderful times can still lie ahead.

Preventing accidents from happening in the first place is, of course, the best option but when there are problems this excellent book is packed full of practical and sound advice.

Carolyn Cripps OBE

Trustee AGE UK Lambeth, Fit for Safety

In Slips, Trips and Fractured Hips, Emma discusses safety in relation to older people and uses her many years of experience to give good advice about preventing the most common accidents. Falls and other unintentional injuries are not an inevitable part of ageing and we hope that through the advice given in this book, older people and their loved ones will be able to take steps to prevent them from happening.
Sheila Merrill


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