Useful Emergency Contacts

In an emergency call 999

If you need to speak with someone or just want some general advice:

Call 111 and they can give you medical advice – if it is a serious medical emergency call 999

Age UK have a helpline: 0800 055 6112

The Silver Line can also help – just call 0800 470 80 90


Feeling lonely?

Visit Contact the Elderly’s website or call them on 0800 716 543

Problem with electrical safety?

Visit the Electrical Safety First website or call them on 0131 445 4690

Concerned about gas or Carbon Monoxide?

Visit the Gas Safe Register’s website or phone 0800 408 5500

Worried about fraud or scams?

Contact Friends Against Scams by clicking here

Information on fire safety

Visit the Fire Service website

Getting nuisance calls?

Visit the Citizens Advice Bureau website




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