Action on Elder Abuse charity

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Action on Elder Abuse charity
This charity is a superb resource for facts and advice regarding elder abuse. Visit their website here.

There are five types of abuse, which are not limited to just physical injury.

  1. Physical elder abuse:

Intentional pain or injury to the body, from physical violence to inappropriate administration of drugs, restraints or confinement.

  1. Elder neglect:

This may be unintentional and constitutes 50% of reported abuse. It is one of the most common reported incidences of abuse in Care Homes and Hospitals and usually relates to come of the most basic and fundamental of care needs.

  1. Financial exploitation

Taking elderly person’s funds or property without consent. Sometimes through fraud and coercion.

  1. Emotional elder abuse:

Actions such as the: intimidation (yelling or threats), humiliation and ridicule, habitual blaming, ignoring, isolating, terrorising.

  1. Sexual elder abuse, thankfully less common:

Non-consensual sexual contact with an elderly person, showing them disturbing sexual content or subjecting them to some form of indecency.


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