It’s always a good idea to stay up to date with the latest scams so you can be as prepared as possible to protect yourself from fraudsters.

This list includes doorstep, telephone and online scams.

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Home extension disaster:

A couple has been forced to live in their attic after a rogue trader charged them £22,000 for a kitchen extension and then disappeared. Click here.

Shut out door-knockers:

Residents in Shotton, North Wales have been warned not to buy fish from any cold-callers at their doorsteps. Click here.

Counterfeit euros:

An elderly woman was conned out of £7000 due to a cold-caller telling her someone had used her credit card to buy counterfeit euros. Click here.

Tax evasion scam:

Elderly residents of Sussex are being targeted by callers who claim to be from HM Revenue and Customs. Advice is that the government, nor a bank, will ever call you to demand details. Click here.