To watch the video, insert the password ‘scoot’.


The purpose of the training is to highlight the hazards which mobility scooter users may encounter whilst out on the roads. The 20 minute video should be useful for both new and existing users. It was developed by the Transport Research in Psychology group at Nottingham Trent University as part of a two year research grant from the Road Safety Trust.


Unlike other training resources, its creation was informed by the views of mobility scooter users though a large questionnaire study, face to face interviews, and recording users as they drove around a city centre. It therefore is supported by an evidence base of research that explores what users see as the main hazards and how to negotiate these.


Also unique is that the training resource uses real life footage filmed from a scooter user’s perspective as they drove around a designated route in Nottingham City Centre. This creates a better understanding of how the hazards identified feel to a scooter user


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